Bonnie George Dog Breeder - Bonnie George Is A Puppy Mill

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I found this lady online and purchased a Toy Huskie from her.The short version of the story is he died within a week of me getting home with him.

When I told her that he died she freaked out and started screaming at me on the phone telling me that I was a puppy killer. I felt so bad until my friend started looking into the situation. She found out that this lady does business on the internet under 6 different names. We looked further and this is because she is a puppy mill!

I was furious at that point. I had been taken advantage of and there was no way to get my money back.

I hope I can prevent just one person from being taken advantage of by this lady.DO NO BUY a dog from her.

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She still runs a puppy mill!

Pittsburg, Kansas, United States #931608

Your an ***! That doesn't have a clue what your talking about.


Check out this link if you want proof Bonnie is a puppy mill that only cares about money


This is clearly a lie! Don't believe a word from pepperjean.

Dallas, Texas, United States #801782

@pepperjean amazing how you post in ripoffreport as being in azel ,texas and this report you show Middletown, NewYork

Dallas, Texas, United States #801776

Provide your proof!

Update: Okay Azel, Texas time to call you out for proof of your claim!your words

"I didnt know this until Tuesday when I took him to the vet which was the FIRST time I could get him in and we do not have an emergency vet that I knew around here so I didnt take him sooner."


First thing please post your bill of sale (contract); and other pertinent paperwork provided to you for your purchase thus proving you purchased a dog from Bonnie George, or her Kennel . Because her (Bonnie's contract) paperwork shows her vet's visit with the pet right before shipping to you ,and the contract also states you must within 24 hours? of receiving your pet! take it to your vet for a second check up!

Proof, Proof

2. Provide proof of this Vet visit by posting your vet bill along with Vet's address and phone number for verification purposes of course.

3. Puppy Mill is what you claim Bonnie runs! Wikipedia definition of a puppy mill-A puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm,[1] is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care.

4. Please provide this proof of a puppy mill (Bonnie's ) such as video, pictures, for these substandard conditions! ( you can provide this correct? you were there at her Mill correct?) if you can provide proof of this claim why did...

after all you wouldn't make an accusation without proof would you? The judicial system works on the premise Innocent Until Proven Guilty! (but here on your post without posting this proof you are the following; jury , judge , and executioner) So please provide this damning evidence as to convict this Bonnie George of her crimes before the world. 5.

You go on to say this "I researched her after she freaked out on me ( so you did research after the fact on her ; but not before ! (sure ya did) ,( why was this important step missed by you? ,because nobody looks up reviews on an individual or business before purchasing over the internet?) 6. Oh Please!

7. "She does business under 6 different names on the internet. My friend (Alabama) and I found her on several sites, under different names with different dog breeds. Buyers be careful she advertises in every state that surrounds Kansas " 8.

Please provide this proof such as web page posting-s, the web site address-es for these "6 different names on the Internet" If she was doing business under these 6 different names why didn't you post those 6 names along with your original post so every body would be made aware ? (could it be they don't exist ) just asking! 9. Lastly you state the following; " I am still trying to get my money back " This is my favorite and please, please post here the proof; such as itemized phone bill showing your attempts at calling.

or better yet your e-mail corrospondence requesting such a refund, and we can't leave this out her returned responses denying you your monies! !0.

So i say unless you are willing to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt I call BS on your post Alot of holes in your story; so please plug those holes for us!inquiring minds want to know!

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Rochester, New Hampshire, United States #669783

The more I think about this the angrier I get. ALL

Puppies come with another guarantee paid for

In half by Bonnie. She also states that all puppies

Need to be seen by a vet within 48 hours. Who

Would let a sick baby not be seen for a couple of

Days if it was lathargic or throwing up? Bonnie was

Very informative and in close contact with me before

And after puppy arrived. I paid $1900 for my happy,

Wonderful puppy and will buy another again from her

ANYTIME from her. Puppy mill? I think that is highly


to Fort White, Florida, United States #921614

Would like to get a hold of Bonnie, she on line?

Rochester, New Hampshire, United States #669024

I was extremely pleased with my transaction. My vet reported

Breeder vey impressive with shots on time and very happy healthy

Pup. Dog is wonderful at 6 months now breeder does offer another

Health guarantee which she pays half of


I don't think that anyone intentionally buys a dog from a puppy mill.Honest people tend to think other people are honest as well.

You can research all you want and think you have found the perfect breeder and still end up with a sick, genetically defective or dying dog. Trust no one but your mother and watch her too. Yes rescue dogs are a good option when deciding to bring a new dog into your life, but they can come with a whole host of behavioral issues that some people just don't want to address. People should be able to feel confident with their choice to buy a pure bred dog of a particular breed and be able to rely on breeders to be ethical.

Theoretically in a perfect world.After being burned by an unethical breeder this year, I don't know if I will ever trust another person that calls themselves a "breeder".


You should really do a LOT of research BEFORE buying a dog.PLEASE never support puppy mills or people who breed for anything but betterment of the breed.

There are plenty of rescues filled with pure bred dogs who need homes. Why not adopt from one of them!

You have love to give a dog and there is one out there who needs that.Now you just simply have to find one another!

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